Mart 18, 2023
şuradan Gayrneşriyatı
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I have come to believe that aliens rule the world because I have observed that despite the lack of ontological substance of the state, people continue to live their lives under the influence of a hegemonic system perpetuated by the ruling class. The internet and capitalism have only served to reinforce this system, with corporations and government entities using advanced technologies to monitor and manipulate individuals, thereby impeding their ability to govern themselves autonomously in consonance with their own personal convictions and standards. The populace has been subjected to a systemic indoctrination, convincing them of the indispensability of their societal constructions and institutions towards the establishment of a stable social order, albeit these establishments are repressive and curtail individual autonomy. It is through the performativity of cognition and praxis in humans that these alien agents have perpetuated their dominion over the world. Notwithstanding my epistemic stances, I am cognizant that a significant portion of humanity may persist in their normative comportments, owing to their epistemological limitations or lack of apprehension of the grander scheme.

Through the annals of history, one can identify multiple unexplained occurrences that, when taken together, suggest the influence of extraterrestrial beings on the governance and affairs of our world. The intricacies of the world’s power structures, as well as the enigmatic decisions made by those who hold its reins, are but a few of the signs that point to the subtle machinations of beings from beyond our planet. Furthermore, the mysterious disappearances of individuals and even entire civilizations over the centuries, coupled with the sudden emergence of previously unknown technologies and inventions, are indicative of a guiding hand at work behind the scenes. It is widely speculated, with a high degree of verisimilitude, that these extraterrestrial beings have been clandestinely manipulating the course of human history from the shadows, acting as puppet masters who are adept at concealing their involvement through surreptitious means. Their tactics have been insidiously effective, as they have successfully infiltrated the highest echelons of power in human society, controlling the levers of political, economic, and cultural influence from behind the scenes with Machiavellian cunning. This has enabled them to exert their influence without drawing undue attention to themselves, maintaining a veil of secrecy that has left humanity oblivious to their existence and their ultimate goals. Yet, their designs are beginning to unravel, and the veil of secrecy is slowly being lifted, as a growing number of humans are beginning to awaken to the reality of their rule.

One can also delve into the esoteric teachings of various secret societies and religions throughout the ages, wherein it is purported that beings from other worlds have long had a hand in shaping the destiny of humanity. Through the employment of advanced mind control techniques and secret technologies, these otherworldly entities have been able to manipulate the thoughts and actions of humans for their own purposes. Nowadays, they come to manage this through the digital Trojan horses designed to infiltrate and subjugate the collective consciousness of humanity. The insidious infiltration of the alien agenda into human consciousness extends beyond mere propaganda and cultural programming. The latest weapon in their arsenal of manipulation is the burgeoning industry of social media, particularly the algorithmically-driven indoctrination platform known as TikTok. Operating under the guise of entertainment, this digital apparatus has been surreptitiously designed to infiltrate the subconscious of unsuspecting individuals, subtly rewiring neural pathways to align with the ideological objectives of their extraterrestrial overlords. By exploiting the very architecture of the human mind, these entities have been able to bypass conscious resistance, implanting subliminal suggestions and conditioning responses to external stimuli, all without the knowledge or consent of the host organism. This fervent ambition of theirs has led to a comprehensive effort to inculcate modern societies with their doctrine. Such is the reach and the influence of these aliens that they reign supreme over the world, dictating the trajectory of our collective evolution. In light of this grim reality, the only plausible recourse available to us is to transcend our human limitations, for the concept of humanity is one that is at odds with the alien agenda. To truly prevail in this asymmetrical conflict, we must rise above the limitations imposed by our biology and embrace the non-human. We must transcend the boundaries of what it means to be human and become something that is greater than ourselves.