Kasım 3, 2022
şuradan Vicdani Ret
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In this issue of The Conscientious Objection Watch Bulletin, you’ll find information about the inquiries made to the Conscientious Objection Watch regarding conscientious objection and conscription between July-September 2022; updated data on the rights violations experienced by conscientious objectors; and the declarations of conscientious objection in the 3-month period covering July-September.

The Conscientious Objection Watch Bulletin provides up-to-date information on the human rights violations experienced by conscientious objectors and people subject to compulsory military service, the sentences, penalties and trials they face. To get information about the work of Conscientious Objection Watch or the current state of the right to conscientious objection to military service in Turkey, you can contact via [email protected]

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