Ekim 22, 2020
şuradan Tekoşîna Anarşîst
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Against Turkish Imperialism
For People’s Self-Determination

We condemn the aggression of the Turkish and Azeri states against the people of Artsakh. This attack follows in the footsteps of 1915, continuing the genocide against the Armenian people….

Capitalism and nation-states sow the seeds of division between peoples, turning their weapons against each other. We are against wars of nation-states, that only harm common people. However, a war of imperialist aggression and occupation is not the same as an existential war of self-defense, and so we support the people of Artsakh’s legitimate self-defense in the face of imperialist aggression.

In North East Syria, we see that another world is possible, wherein all peoples can live the full colour of their existence together in peace, can support each other and defend each other against those who would divide and eliminate us. The self-determination of peoples and mutual aid is the answer to nation-states’ politics of division and war.
We lament the suffering and loss that the people of Azerbaijan, of Armenia, and especially of Nagorno-Karabakh are living as a direct result of Turkish and international imperialist interests.

We support the people of Artsakh’s struggle for self-determination.
We call on all to resist the Turkish—Azeri war of aggression and occupation, and especially to fight against the politics of division and hatred that only divide our communities from each other.

Tekoşîna Anarşîst / Anarchist Struggle

October 2020

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